New version of INTERFEROME
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The Database of IFN Regulated Genes

Type I, II and III IFN regulated genes manually curated from more than 28 publicly available microarray datasets.


IFNs were identified as antiviral proteins more than 50 years ago. However, their involvement in immunomodulation, cell proliferation, inflammation and other homeostatic process has been since identified. These cytokines are used as therapeutics in many diseases such as chronic viral infections, cancer and multiple sclerosis. These IFNs regulate the transcription of approximately 2000 genes in a IFN subtype, dose, cell type and stimulus dependent manner. This database of IFN regulated genes is an attempt at integrating information from high-throughput experiments to gain a detailed understanding of IFN biology.


Interferon Regulated Genes (IRGs) were identified from multiple microarray and proteomic experiments where cells were treated with IFNs. Genes that were up or down regulated more than 1.5 fold relative to control samples were defined as IRGs.

Database Scope

This database will enable the reliable identification of interferon regulated gene signatures from high-throughput data sets (i.e. microarray, proteomic data etc.). It will also assist in identifying regulatory elements and enable comparison of tissue expression of IRGs in human and mouse. Availability of sequence information from more than 37 species, together with comprehensive annotation will enable comparative genomics and phylogenetic analysis to be performed on these IRGs.